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TAFE 35 DI OIB 2WD (37hp)

Straight Bonnet

The tough design and direct injection engine combine durability with economy.

35 DI OIB 2WD (37hp)


TAFE tractors are equipped with direct injection engines, built to meet the stringent emissions standard using the latest technology. These long stroke engines are reliable, powerful and economical and designed to deliver class leading power and torque required for a variety of uses.

  • 3 Cylinder direct injection diesel
  • HP: 37hp (27kw) @ 2250 rpm. Displacement of 146 cubic inches (2.4L)
  • Bosch inline fuel injection pump


  • Dual dry, friction type, 12" drive plate, 10" PTO plate


TAFE Tractors feature sliding gear transmission with eight forward and two reverse speeds. The transmission is geared for power, economy and smooth transition, and is designed to withstand tough working conditions.

  • 8 forward, 2 reverse speeds

Power Take Off

The live PTO with dual clutch lets you control tractor motion independently of PTO driven implements. Slight depression of the clutch stops the tractor's forward motion, while full depression stops the PTO action. This protects the gearbox and PTO from undue stress, gives improved results at mowing, topping etc., and is safer as it ensures that the tractor stops moving when the clutch disengages.

  • Single speed PTO 540 rpm @ 1600 or 1788


Independent handbrake and either drum or oil immersed brakes. The pedals are ergonomically designed to minimise leg effort and allow either simultaneous or independent left or right braking.

  • Oil immersed 4 plate disc


The hydrostatic power steering is simple and reliable and allows the driver to exert minimum effort while maneuvering tight corners, particularly when the front wheels are under heavy load i.e. with a loader. The design and location ensures ease of servicing.

  • Hydrostatic power steering


TAFE tractors are equipped with a proven draft and position control hydraulic system for accurate and reliable performance enabling the height or depth of rear mounted equipment to be set with no need for constant operator adjustment. This ensures better results when using soil-engaging equipment, Fertiliser spinners, Yard scrapers, Mowers, Toppers, Tedders etc. All TAFE tractors have category 1 and 2 linkage and trailer tipping equipment.

  • 3 point linkage category 1 & 2
  • Max lift: 1100 kg
  • Pump capacity L/Min: 13.4
  • Max pressure 176 bar

Wheels & Tyres

  • 2WD Front, 6 ply rating: 6.00 x 16 + Rear, 8 ply Agricultural: 12.4 x 28


  • Height: Top of vertical exhaust 85.8" (2180mm)
  • Height: Top of Cab 87.0" (2210mm)
  • Width: 65.0" (1650mm)
  • Length: Overall approx. 2900" (3035mm)
  • Weight 1950 kg


  • Fuel Tank: 12.7 gallons
  • Air Cleaner Dry Element


If we have to repair anything it's usually because the nut behind the wheel hit something rather than a problem with the tractor!

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