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Attachments & Implements › 25-48QH 1.3M Quick Hitch Plain Bucket

25-48QH 1.3M Quick Hitch Plain Bucket

All types of loading applications from garden maintenance and trench work up to larger scale excavations

Width: 1.3M
Colour: Solid black
Hardened blade/tine: Hardened wear blade
Other Features: Quick Hitch

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The TAFE 4wd tractor is impressive at tackling slippery slopes as well as being reliable, durable and good value. The tractors may look a bit old-fashioned but their engines are modern and the oil-immersed brakes of the OIB models are ideal for scraping duties, unlike old tractors with exposed, dry brakes.

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David Cobb, Dorset Dairy Farmer  [ more ]