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Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE) was established in 1961, in collaboration with Massey Ferguson UK.

TAFE's objective was to empower farmers through total farm mechanisation by manufacturing a complete range of tractors, implements and accessories. The TAFE range has been developed and improved using the very best in world tractor design and modern technology. TAFE now manufactures over 150,000 tractors per year in the 25-45hp range, in addition to a wide range of accessories. Exports are an important facet of TAFE, with successful forays into the USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey and Africa.

Originally designed for heavy duty farm work, TAFE tractors are reliable, economical and able to cope with the rigors of the toughest agricultural or horticultural applications. The TAFE range is also ideal for use on smallholdings, golf courses, equestrian centres, forestry, nurseries and caravan parks.

The simple design means that minimal knowledge is required for operation and servicing, and by avoiding sophisticated electronics the TAFE range combines low cost, minimal maintenance with excellent durability. Most importantly, the interchangeability of the spare parts enables them to be sourced from ourselves or other parts distributors.

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Standard Features

  • Powerful, economical, 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine
  • Roll Bar Safety Frame
  • Reliable 8 forward, 2 reverse gerabox
  • Live drive PTO/Dual Clutch
  • Steel Body Panels
  • Diff lock
  • Foot and hand throttles
  • Interchangeable category 1 & 2 rear linkage
  • Swinging drawbar
  • Spring suspension seat
  • Hydraulics - draft, position & response control
  • Trailer tipping facilities
  • 12v negative earth battery 12v 85ah
  • Lucas alternator & starter
  • 7 pin trailer socket
  • Key operated ignition switch with safety isolator
  • 2 headlights, side/rear lights and indicators
  • Work light

In compliance with UK Health and Safety laws, all tractors sold by Tractors UK are fitted (as standard) with a roll bar. This can be upgraded to a Safety Q Cab. All roll bars and cabs are manufactured in the UK and carry the appropriate H&S certification.

The TAFE 4wd tractor is impressive at tackling slippery slopes as well as being reliable, durable and good value. The tractors may look a bit old-fashioned but their engines are modern and the oil-immersed brakes of the OIB models are ideal for scraping duties, unlike old tractors with exposed, dry brakes.

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